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Get ahead of the competition and reach your customers when they most need your services.

Running different types of Google ads allows you to effectively reach customers looking for your services and those who are interested but haven’t started looking yet.

What You Get For Just a $100/Month Management Fee

Ad Creation and Management

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Custom Landing Page Creation

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Call Tracking

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Tracking & Monthly Reports

Two Types of Ads


  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads only charge you when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Your ads will show at the top of Google search results as well as Google’s Display Network of websites.
  • When people click on your ads they will be taken to your website or will call you directly.
  • PPC ads are targeted as specifically as possible – geographically as well as by search terms, audiences, and demographics – to ensure that your ads appear only to the right people.


  • Local Services Ads (LSA) only charge you when they result in a lead.
  • Also known as “Google Guaranteed”
  • Your ads will show on Google search results for local searches only.
  • LSA can be used for businesses that offer services in one of the following categories:
    • Home
    • Business
    • Health
    • Learning
    • Care
    • Wellness
You will pay Google directly for your ads. You set the budget, and we don’t take any additional cut of those funds.

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