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About Us

BELFOR's Digital Marketing

Founded in 2008, WMS is an in-house solution for franchise marketing support with 15 years of franchise success.
We have 10 specialists providing full-service digital services: website creation, domain hosting, SEO, PPC, social media, Google services, and reporting.
As an internal department at BFG, we’re able to be more nimble and economical than outside vendors.

The Internal Advantage

Cost Efficient

Managing more than 200 individual franchises and national brand support, WMS is ideally suited as a cost-efficient digital option.

BELFOR Exclusive

We partner only with our franchises, so the focus is owner/brand success – no outside expansion or clients.

Brand Knowledge

We have an extensive background in BELFOR website structure and preferred tools/platforms.

Regular Communication

Regular communication through BELFOR channels means clear expectations and understanding of marketing priorities and integration with ongoing internal goals.

Brand Specific Success

HOODZ national campaigns focused on non-branded keywords and resulted in a 15% national impression increase and 80% increase in clicks on location searches.
In the complete rework of Redbox+ Dumpsters’ new website, WMS built local pages and map integration for all franchises.
We provided SEO cleanup to The Patch Boys, improving Google performance rating, doubling speed index, and achieving 100% on Google best practices to see an 80% increase in traffic over 2021.
Since partnering with WMS, Z PLUMBERZ has seen record revenue and a 200% increase in web traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of activities that help search engines, like Google, find, organize, and trust your site and listings. Almost everyone uses search engines to find businesses in this day and age. Great SEO will increase traffic to your site, getting you more business.

You need social media for brand awareness. Social media will get the word out and expose the name of your business. It might not generate instant leads, but it does get your name and logo out there. When people eventually need your services, they will remember your name from a Facebook post or an Instagram giveaway. Social media also helps you reach your target audience much easier.

We offer an array of services. Each service is different and some even have different packages that you can choose from. Click on the service you are interested in to find out how much they are.

Here at BFG, we get the inside scoop on everything your site needs. We are exclusive to BFG brands so we are experts on the brands and services that you offer. We are also a much more cost effective option than other vendors.

No. With WMS you pay month-to-month with no contracts. We believe that once you start with our services, you will want to stay with us because of the value we deliver, not because we hold you hostage with a contract. But if you aren’t happy, you’re free to find another vendor that is a better match for you and your business.