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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you’re a current or future WMS client, read some of our frequently asked questions.

SEO Questions

What is SEO and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of activities that help search engines, like Google, find, organize, and trust your site and listings. The reason you need SEO is because almost everyone uses search engines to find businesses in this day and age. Great SEO will increase traffic to your site or listings, getting you more business.

How often should I search for my own business on Google?

Instead of searching for your own business on Google, use tools like Google Search Console or Keyword Research. These will provide more accurate data on how your site is ranking for customers. Searching on your own device won’t always give the best results, as Google takes your previous searches and the account tied to your browser.

Why am I not populating when I add the term “near me?”

“Near me” prioritizes Google Business Profiles, so make sure that you have your service area accurately represented on that platform or your storefront. 

LSA & PPC Questions

Is it bad to pause my ads if I’m booked out or away on vacation?

No. If you don’t want any new customers, it’s easy to pause your ads and unpause them once you want new customers again.

Where do customers go once they click on my ad?

They will either click a button to call you directly, or to go to a landing page on your website that was created specifically to lead customers to call you or submit a form.

Can I change what my ads say?

Yes. Speak with your WMS rep if you would like to change the copy on any of your ads.

What if my competitors keep clicking on my ads every day?

Google has a sophisticated suite of tools to prevent ad abuse and ensure that we’re all on a level playing field. You will not be charged more than two clicks per ad impression.

I got a call from someone outside of my area from PPC. Can I get a refund?

No. We can adjust the zip codes where your ad is showing to make sure you’re getting the most relevant leads.

Why is my ad showing at the bottom of the page instead of in the top 4?

Google PPC ads will always show above the organic search results. If you see something at the bottom of the results, that is not a Google ad.

How does my PPC data compare to others? Are there network benchmarks?

The best way to compare your data to others is to look at your local competition, as that is who you are bidding against for any given ad. We recommend using the “Auction Insights” tool in the “Campaigns” menu to see your impression share and overlap rate for competing businesses in your area.

How do I know it’s a PPC lead?

To properly track PPC leads, using a custom phone number and installing all the correct “conversion” tracking on your website is key. There are a number of different conversions that Google allows us to track, but we recommend at the very least setting up “Phone Calls” and “Web Forms” in the conversions when creating a new ad campaign.

When does Google charge me for my Paid Ads?

At the beginning of every month or when you hit $500 in charges.

What should my budget be for PPC and LSAs?

As LSA is a pay-per-lead system, you should try to max out that budget first. If you find yourself hitting your budget each week for LSA, increase it.

With PPC, determine your the cost-per-conversion (lead) and close rate, then work backwards to reach your goals. For example:

Bob from Bob’s Home Services sees a cost-per-conversion of $50 through Google PPC, and his close rate is 50%. This means that, on average, a confirmed job through PPC will cost $100.

You can use this formula and then look at your cost-per-job to determine ROI and decide how much you’d like to invest in Google Ads.

Why are my paid Google Ads not populating in search results on a Saturday?

If your ads are not populating on a Saturday or Sunday, you have probably scheduled them to show M-F. Go to the campaign settings and select “schedule,” right by the “locations” option. You’ll be able to fine-tune your ads to show only on the days or even hours you prefer.

General Questions

How can social media help my business?

You need social media for brand awareness. Social media will get the word out and expose the name of your business. Social media might not generate instant leads, but it does get your name and logo out there. When that person eventually needs your services, they will remember your name from a unique Facebook post or a giveaway from Instagram. With social media, you can also reach your target audience much easier.

How much do you charge?

We offer an array of services. Each service is different and some even have different packages that you can choose from. Click on the service you are interested in to find out how much they are.

Why should I use BFG when there are other vendors?

Here at BFG, we get the inside scoop on everything your site needs. We are exclusive to BFG brands so we are experts on the brands and services that you offer. We are also a much more cost effective option than other vendors.

If I use WMS, will I be stuck in a contract?

No. With WMS you pay month-to-month with no contracts. We believe that once you start with our services, you will want to stay with us because of the value we deliver, not because we hold you hostage with a contract. But if you aren’t happy, you’re free to find another vendor that is a better match for you and your business.



Get found on the Internet more often when prospects search Google, Yahoo, or Bing for key search terms related to your business. Price: $155/mo.

Social Media Account Creation. Regular updates and posts to social accounts. We keep your accounts active with localized content that is specific to your franchise. Account Setup & Maintenance: – Facebook

Price: $80-$150/mo.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the quickest ways to place your website and business information in front of your potential customers through paid Google Ads.

Price: $100/mo.